Thursday, June 16, 2011

You can take the Saffer out of the crime, but you can't take the Paranoia out of the Saffer...

SO! Clearly there are somethings that take a while to work their way out of your system when you move countries.
Last night is a good example.
One of the many things you find yourself without in a new place are friends.  Obviously we don't know people here (other than my family) and so we have to make new friends.  J has been much better at getting out there than I have, I have reconnected with a few friends from high school, but no one really lives nearby and well really, I guess I figure I'll start hanging out with moms when our kids get older.  Ok, perhaps Facebook helps too, I have kept in touch with friends in SA and all over, so if I need to vent or share I have them.  Ok I am getting off topic!

SO! J met this guy about a month ago when he was out with one of my cousins.  They got to chatting outside while polluting their lungs. (Guess smoking is good for something.) J told him how we had just moved here and he was looking for a job and blah blah blah. (I wasn't there and frankly, men don't really tell details about stuff like that so blah blah blah isn't meant to make it sound like I do not care about what was said it is just that I have no idea and getting the details will be just short of an interrogation so it's just easier.)  This guy gave J his number and said for J to give him a ring the next day, he was quite connected and he would see what he could help with blah blah blah (see above).  J did so the next day, got voice mail, left one saying blah blah blah, and never got a call back.
Well yesterday out of the blue this guy sends J a text/sms.  It said he had been out of the country on business and was sorry, that they must get together soon. (no blah blah blah, I read the text) The conversation ended with them actually meeting up for a beer last night.  Pretty cool!
Off J went after dinner to a new bar (pretty cool thing, all the bars, pubs, restaurants are all new when you immigrate) to blah blah blah.

Now here is where the paranoia sets in.  I went to bed and was reading when I was overwhelmed by this weird feeling, I started to think about how strange it was this guy would contact J out of the blue and then they met THAT night.  That he seemed like a nice guy, but what was his deal?  I mean, if he was SO well connected, why would he need to meet a new person?  Why did he want to 'help' J?  What did I really know about this place they went to?  What if he was a member of some gang and he was luring J into a trap where he was going to kidnap him (I know, if you know J, that is a hilarious notion, but go with me...) where his gang would over power him in the parking lot, take him for some sick torture session.  My mind was racing through all these 'true crime' TV shows, CSI, Without a Trace...
I grabbed my phone and started to text J, just saying that I had a weird feeling and could he let me know he was safe.  Then I realized that this 'friendly guy' could easily have J on a metal table somewhere in a warehouse near the docks (ok so no docks here in Dallas but that guy in Law Abiding Citizen had a warehouse near the docks) and he could just text me himself saying J was fine.  So I texted that J should reply to me in his 'native language', this way I thought, he could send me a secret message that he was really 'op die tafel' and 'stuur die polisie'.
I sent it.
I waited.
I reread the text to make sure it was clear to J he could get me a message.
I waited. - He must be trying to think of the best way to get me the message without tipping off the gang....
The phone rang.
It was J.
'Hey babe, on my way home.  I'll tell you all about it when  I get there'
Hmmm. I thought.  Maybe they tried to jump him, but my husband being the awesome guy that he is must have head butted them and then round housed them, to give him enough time to get into our (amazing) car and drive around losing any tailers to get home.
I waited.
I started to think I was really losing now. I mean really!  A gang out to get my hubby!  ha ha ha...I started to calm down.
By the time J got there I was ready to drift off to sleep...until he told me about his meeting.

SO! They met and chatted, blah blah blah.  Then this guy gave J a most unusual 'trinket' and told him he could have it as a memento.  J was shaking it to hear what was inside and he couldn't hear what you should inside this, memento.  He said he thought it was a bit strange this thing, but he did mention that they had a conversation the first time about how J like weapons etc.  This guy told J about how he was in the military etc.
But still...a memento?
J expressed his thoughts on how he felt it was a strange thing.
Then, I said it, I just let it go..I couldn't help it.

"Maybe it's a GPS tracker?" I said
"You know babe, I thought the same thing" he said.
We were silent.


  1. I'm lost. What was it? Did I miss something? It is late and my brain is mush from having a sinus headache all day.

  2. Hey berlee, it isn't really what it was that was important, it was the fact that we thought it was a GPS tracker to use to find us and rob us. LOL. I don't really want to disclose what it was because it is kind of...well...weapon related. Anyway, thanks for my first comment! I feel a bit like a real blogger now :)

  3. So Tiff, did Julian get the job.... or was it more blaa blaa than a real offer....If that guy was out of the country so fast... could mean hi's in secerity/ jy weet soos 'n body gaurd....

  4. LOL Jackie! Jy is doodreg! He said no due to family :)