Monday, February 21, 2011

The daycare, school, or preschool...

So today we enrolled the little darlings into a school.  I must tell you that this was the hardest decision I have done.  We looked at 3 VERY different schools.  This is what I narrowed it down to from phoning, one wrong word or phrase can put a mom off - yes a bit OTT! The first one sounded so great all the reviews I read raved about it and they were written by parents and they sounded like I would have described Snuggles, obviously my favorite, ever.  So we went to look and they were unable to accommodate us right away, but I would expect a good school to be full, right?  We walked through and it was nice, but it didn't feel right.  They took the kids out once a day (ha ha ha, never met mine clearly!) and it seemed nice but just something didn't feel - right.  On to the next one, the Tzu Chi Buddhist Preschool. Ok, this place was cool, however, they wore a uniform and it was duel medium - English and Mandarin!  I think Mandarin would serve the kids well but I think they have had to adjust to a TON of things already...perhaps another language is not such a good idea right now.  Oh and they didn't take O's age so it would have been just S....hmmm....nope would rather they were together.  Finally, we looked a school that is run by a mother/daughter team (hmmm...sounds a bit familiar? I even started crying when she told me...what a cry baby!) has been there 16 years, teachers have been there for 10 except for 2, fresh food cooked onsite. 15 to 1 kid teacher ratio, breakfast before 0800, lunch at 1130, nap at 1200 - 1400, play outside twice a day, disciplined lessons with play, they can do gymnastics 4 times a week (balance beam work included), secure code access....ok so how did it feel?  O wouldn't leave the classroom and S wouldn't leave the playground...ok we'll take door number 3!
So tomorrow they will attend their new school.
 *SIGH*  I hope I don't cry this time!

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